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The team at Sun Life in Waterford has a long history of generously supporting charitable organizations. Since arriving in Waterford 22 years ago, employees have helped to raise €500,000 which has been dispersed to organizations in the south east region. It forms part of the company’s culture to give back to the communities around the world where we live and work. In 2020, Sun Life announced a $1 Million Covid Relief Fund to support healthcare, elder care and food banks across all the regions where we have offices and employees. We are delighted to support Helping Hand this year and thank them sincerely for the great work they do in our community providing meals, necessities and friendship to homeless and vulnerable people.  

On behalf of Helping Hand Waterford, we would like to thank Sun Life Waterford, the management, staff and the charity committee for supporting us in the work we do here in Waterford. We are so grateful for your support and belief in reaching out and supporting community organisations such as Helping Hand Waterford. From all our volunteers and clients, thank you one and all at Sun Life Waterford.




There is currently a new service being set up here in Waterford called We Care Waterford, a confidential, friendly telephone service number for individuals and/or family's in crisis with Addiction, Mental Health or Homelessness issues. The service is available to anyone who needs to access various services and don't know who to call, who to get in touch with or simply what services and organisations are out there. 


     Tel: 087 900 7669

     Email: wecarewaterford@hotmail.com

     Website: www.wecarewaterford.eu

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We at Helping Hand Waterford would like to thank everyone who nominated us for Mattress Mick's Community Chest here in Waterford. We are delighted to be the first Organisation to benefit from Mattress Mick's kind gesture and all those who took the time out to propose us. Thank you all for Helping Us to Help Others.